Watching Backyard Birds | October 2016 Preview

Even in the backyard, binoculars can provide a closer view of birds in treetops. Watcher at the Window How Weather Affects What Birds Eat —Julie Zickefoose 10 Features Species Profile: Purple Finch or House Finch? — Dawn Hewitt 4 Readers Write: Squirrel-proof Misery Solved — Dan O’Shields 14 Photo Blog: City Yard, Country Yard, in Southern Indiana — Andi Haynes Avery 18 Ask Birdsquatch: Is It Okay to Feed Birds? 22 Where Does a Woodpecker Store Its Long Tongue? — Tom Gatz 26 Two Short Stories — Al Batt 28 ‘Little Betty,’ the Backyard Hummingbird 30 Eastern bluebirds enjoy crunchy insects. BILL THOMPSON, III BRIAN HENRY