Watching Backyard Birds | June 2016

Above: A bird-friendly garden offers nectar- producing flowers for hummingbirds, as well as spiders, caterpillars, and other insects—food for nestling songbirds. Watcher at the Window Fledglings —Julie Zickefoose 8 Features Species Profile: Indigo Bunting: Too Beautiful to Be Real — Dawn Hewitt & Bill Thompson, III 4 Readers Write: Bird Brain — Bernie Brown 14 Photo Blog: Changing Seasons, Changing Birds — Chris Bozak 18 Ask Birdsquatch: Feeder Marauders 22 Quiz: Can You Identify These Blue Birds? — Kyle Carlsen 25 Stories about Backyard Birds 28 — Al Batt How–and Why–to Clean Your Bird Feeders 30 — Dawn Hewitt A red-bellied woodpecker feeds a fledgling. DREAMSTIME.COM JULIE ZICKEFOOSE