Watching Backyard Birds | December 2018

Watcher at the Window Golden Nuggets of Winter — Julie Zickefoose 10 BRUCE WUNDERLICH BRUCE W UNDERLICH Species Profile Northern Cardinal: Seeing Red (or Brown) — Eirik A.T. Blom 4 Readers Write Death Comes Softly — Danielle Harris 14 The Black-capped Chickadee: A poem — Gail Colozzi 17 My Backyard Beyond the Feeder — Sharon Sorenson 18 Ask Birdsquatch 22 These Holiday Gifts Ideas Are for the Backyard Birds — Dawn Hewitt 24 Short Stories from Al — Al Batt 26 Top 10 Things to Do in Winter — Bill Thompson, III 28 JULIE ZICKEFOOSE ADOBE STOCK Above: Northern cardinal, male. Right: Short-eared owl. Cover: Northern cardinal, female. Features