Watching Backyard Birds | December 2015 Preview

Above: Cedar waxwing flocks can be found throughout the lower 48 states in winter. Right: Wild turkeys strut to intimidate turkey vultures. Features Red-bellied Woodpeckers — Dawn Hewitt 4 A Junco of a Different Color — Jackie Berkebile 12 Readers Write: Front Yard Birding in Northern New Mexico — Susan Wider 14 Photo Blog: Winter Yard Birds of the Grand Tetons — Mike Jackson 18 Ask Birdsquatch: Bird Watching on a Budget 24 Winter Work — Al Batt 28 Holiday Tree for the Birds —Wendy Clark 30 DREAMSTIME.COM JULIE ZICKEFOOSE Watcher at the Window Wildlife Rumbles: Wild Turkey vs. Turkey Vulture —Julie Zickefoose 8