Watching Backyard Birds August 2015 Preview

Above: Gosh there’s a lot to see in this issue. Right: Common nighthawks are becoming less common. Features Species Profile: California Quail: A Welcome Guest in Western Backyards — Hugh P. Smith 4 Readers Write: My Crows — Shirley Ruhe 14 Photo Blog: A Bird Oasis in the Desert — Chris Rohrer 18 Ask Birdsquatch: Birdbath Tips 24 My Father-in-Law’s Hummingbirds 28 — Al Batt 5 Tips for Keeping Hummingbird Nectar Fresh — Nancy Castillo 31 BILL THOMPSON, III DAVE MENKE/USFWS Watcher at the Window Looking at a Nighthawk —Julie Zickefoose 10