Watching Backyard Birds | April 2018 Preview

Watcher at the Window Accepting Nature’s Gifts — Julie Zickefoose 10 COVER—BRUCE WUNDERLICH BRUCE WUNDERLICH Species Profile Red-Winged Blackbird: Enemies on Every Side — Mary Leister 4 Readers Write House Wren: Virtues and Vices — Stella Craig 14 My Backyard Backyard Bird Photography — Bruce Wunderlich 18 Watch for Warblers in Your Yard — Bill Thompson, III, and Dawn Hewitt 22 Ask Birdsquatch 24 Short Stories from Al — Al Batt 26 Top 10 Nest Box Tips — Bill Thompson, III 28 JULIE ZICKEFOOSE G. COPE SCHELLHORN BRIAN HENRY Above: Female red-winged blackbirds are brown and streaky, and can be mistaken for sparrows. Right: An eastern bluebird nest. Features