Watching Backyard Birds | June 2019 Preview

Watcher at the Window Wren Wranch — Julie Zickefoose 12 COVER: CHIMNEY SWIFT, BY GEORGE ARMISTEAD BRUCE WUNDERLICH Species Profile The Best Way to See Chimney Swifts — W. Todd Parker 4 Window on Another World — Deborah Schwabach 8 Readers Write The Mouse-eared House Finch — Sharon Gorman 16 My Backyard Witness to Northern Cardinal Parenting — Al Mason 18 Nandina Berries Kill Birds — Jackie Berkebile 22 Ask Birdsquatch 24 Short Stories from Al — Al Batt 28 Top: Chimney swifts dive into a chimney to roost. Above: A juvenile house finch with typical “ear tufts.” Features CRAIG A. MULLENBACH AL MASON ADOBE STOCK A Carolina wren carries nesting material. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS