Watching Backyard Birds | February 2019 Preview

Watcher at the Window Looking and Listening for Spring — Julie Zickefoose 10 COVER—BRUCE WUNDERLICH BRUCE WUNDERLICH Species Profile Pine Siskin: Perfect Feeder Visitor — Eirik A.T. Blom 4 Readers Write Flickers: Undulating Along — Stella Craig 14 Top 10 Ways to Help Birds in Bad Weather — Bill Thompson, III 18 Early Birds — Julie Zickefoose 22 Ask Birdsquatch 24 Short Stories from Al — Al Batt 26 How Birds Stay Warm in Winter — Jackie Berkebile 28 JULIE ZICKEFOOSE G. COPE SCHELLHORN Above: A flock of pine siskins feast on a Nyjer (thistle) sock. Right: Watch and listen for tufted titmice in winter. Features BRUCE WUNDERLICH