Watching Backyard Birds | February 2018

Watching Backyard Birds • 3 of birds that probably won’t come to visit your bird feeders, birdbath, nest boxes, or bird- friendly landscape. The best way to do this is with friends or fellow bird enthusiasts. It’s easier than ever to connect with your local birding community, thanks to the Internet. Local bird and nature clubs, nature centers, state parks, refuges, and even some bird watching retail stores offer regular field trips to birding spots in your area. And in case you’re nervous about your skills not being up to snuff: There’s no need to worry. Simply identify yourself as an interested beginning bird watcher and people will be eager to include you in their outings and to help show you the basics of watching birds in the field. It’s really no different than birding at home—except the bathroom and fridge are usually a bit farther away. We’re coming up on the best time of year for bird watching: Spring migration will be here before we know it! So, if you’re a mostly backyard bird watcher, consider spreading your wings and heading out in search of some new and exciting bird species. Birders are the friendliest people on Earth, and you’ll be richly rewarded. —Bill Thompson, III WBB editorial team captain our content 1 • 8 0 0 • 8 7 9 • 2 4 7 3 Your Gateway to Birding in North America BIRDWATCHER’S DIGEST MAY/JUNE 2016 Vol. 38No. 5,May/June 2016 Learn to IDYellowlegs! Displayuntil June30th Species Profile: HOUSE WREN FarAfield: Following Migration FRONT-PORCH PROTHONOTARIES Photography: Top 10 Backyard Bird Photo Tips T o 0 y s BIRDWATCHER’S DIGEST JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 Vol. 40No. 3, January/February 2018 Review: PocketBinoculars Species Profile Hummingbirds in the Snow Dark-eyed Junco Birding Festival Round-up Displayuntil February28th Golden Eagle BIRDWATCHER’S DIGEST NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 Vol. 40No. 2,November/December 2017 Bird ID:Gull ID JustGot Easier DisplayuntilDecember31st Species Profile Birding in Belize FarAfield Winter Hummers Scott Weidensaul: Explore