Watching Backyard Birds | December 2018 Preview

BIRD Bites Tidbits of Backyard Info You Can Use! Variety Attracts Variety To attract the widest variety of birds, offer food in more than one feeder type. An ideal feeding station has multiple feeders at varying heights, offering several types of food. Consider offering safflower seeds in a tube, a high-quality seed mix in a hopper or a platform, a peanut dispenser, sunflower hearts or bits in a dome-protected dish or satellite feeder, fruit on a tray, and/or mealworms in a shallow bowl. Scatter cracked corn and white proso millet on the ground. Offer suet cakes in a cage with a tail prop, or homemade Zick Dough on a saucer. Zick Dough (Recipe by Julie Zickefoose) Melt together in microwave until liquid: 1 cup lard 1 cup peanut butter Combine separately: 2 cups quick oats 2 cups chick starter, unmedicated (available at feed store) 1 cup yellow cornmeal 1 cup flour Put dry ingredients in mixer and blend. Slowly pour in melted lard/ peanut butter mixture until a crumbly, lumpy consistency is attained. Store in peanut butter jars. Does not need refrigeration. If the dough turns out too gummy, slowly add in flour and cornmeal while the mixer turns until the dough crumbles. Serve crumbled. This food is meant to be served in cold weather; it is too rich for summer feeding. Watching Backyard Birds • 9 A tufted titmouse dives into Zick Dough. JULIE ZICKEFOOSE