Watching Backyard Birds | August 2019 Preview

Watcher at the Window Late Summer Brings Many Bird-Watching Delights — Julie Zickefoose 12 COVER—MIRIAM POLING Species Profile Gray Catbird: Some Bird Names Are Just Perfect — Eirik A.T. Blom 4 Slipping Away — Diane Porter 8 Robin and Cardinal Caught Co-nesting — Karl and Steve Maslowski 18 My Backyard Window TV Features Bird Family Dramas — Barb Gorges 22 Ask Birdsquatch 26 Short Stories from Al — Al Batt 28 Life in Death — Diane Porter 30 JULIE ZICKEFOOSE BRIAN HENRY Gray catbird. Features ADOBE STOCK BRUCE WUNDERLICH BRUCE WUNDERLICH Gray catbird fledgling. Northern cardinal, male.